Stop Day America – NOW

I’m no economist – far from it. Who can possibly grasp the concept of “trillion”? All we know is that we don’t run our household or business budgets in a deficit. We know what we can afford and what we can’t. We know what we want and we’ll save for it if we have to. Americans are better money managers than anyone on “the Hill”. You don’t have to understand the intricacies of this country’s dilemma to know that we’re going to hell in a hand basket.

What’s it going to take folks? How many jobs does America have to lose? How many businesses have to go up in flames? How many families have to be put out on the streets? How many bankruptcies and foreclosures must America endure? How high does the unemployment rate have to go? How much more stress, how many more sleepless nights must we bear?

WHAT’S IT GOING TO TAKE before Washington wakes up?

It’s not about you, Washington. It’s not about your partisan differences. It’s not about who’s going to win. It’s about the fact that we, the citizens of the U.S., ARE LOSING!

While you posture, threaten, and ignore, WE are reaching the boiling point. And I’m not talking about the heat wave. This is not good theater, Washington.

What if Americans didn’t buy anything for ONE DAY? No gas, no food, no internet purchases, no entertainment? No money in parking meters. No tolls paid on U.S. highways. Could we do it? Could Americans come together for a STOP DAY? Would that be a wake up call?

I don’t know. Maybe it would just make us feel better, as if we were empowered just a bit. As if we weren’t at the mercy of people who don’t seem to live a “real” life in our real world. People who don’t seem to be affected one bit by the price of gas, or prescription drugs, or a head of lettuce.

If you’re with me on this, let’s STRIKE – just for one day. Just to see what happens.

What are they going to do? Fire us?

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2 Responses to Stop Day America – NOW

  1. Cynthia…you go and say it!

    So glad to read your real heart here.

    As of today, you go on my prayer list today!

    You have to know, when you speak truth, the great Lie places a big red X on your back!

    I am now in your corner!

    Shalom and God speed!


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