Google Goes to the Dogs

Hope 2011 is treating everyone well. Spring has arrived in all its rainy, gloomy glory but every day brings us one day closer to wonderful sunshine and starry nights.

Let’s talk about Google. Specifically Google’s new Android app – Dog Wars.

If you’ve read any of my posts, you know how much I love and appreciate animals. Animal abuse is beyond my comprehension and makes my blood boil. Would that I was able to treat those owners exactly as they make their animals live. I guarantee you there would be fewer abused animals in shelters everywhere.

So now we have the Dog Wars app from Google. What in the hell are they thinking? Isn’t there enough animal cruelty in real life? Cats thrown in washing machines, shot with arrows and spun like tops until they die. Dogs suffer in puppy mills and are mutilated by the dog fighting “sport.” Who does Google think will be “playing” this game? Isn’t there enough horror in the world already? I simply can not believe it.

When I went online to find out a way to contact Google, I ran across their corporate philosophy. It contains “Ten Things.” Number 6 of the “Ten Things” is: “You can make money without doing evil.” Hmmm.  The fact that they actually spent time and money developing a game that promotes violence and destruction using ANIMALS is plenty evil to me.

What a perfect example they are setting for kids. One of the largest, most respected (once upon a time) companies in America creates a “game” where animals kill each other while their owners evade the law.

Google, be true to thine self. Stop it.

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