Enter 2011

Well, here we are in the New Year and the dead of winter. Surprisingly, the weather gods have been very benevolent to our little corner of the world – so far. My heart goes out to those beleaguered by snow, deluged with rain, and devastated by tornadoes. Mother Nature is definitely a champion multi-tasker.

Let’s talk “New Year’s Resolutions.”

Why do people think that the start of a new year is the only time to make out a list of good to-dos? What’s wrong with doing that any day? June 5 or February 12 or October 23? After all, a resolution is simply a promise to yourself, and those promises can be made any day of the year.

How does it work if you don’t achieve one or more of your “New Year’s Resolutions?” Do you continue that/those resolution(s) for an additional year? Or do you start over with something new when the next new year rolls around? If so, what’s the point in the first place?

Here are the Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions (according to somebody):

#1 – Spend more time with family and friends. (Quantify “more.” Ten minutes is “more.”)
#2 – Exercise more. (There’s that word again.)
#3 – Lose weight. (One pound or 20?)
#4 – Quit smoking. (Had to wait for the New Year to make that commitment, eh?)
#5 – Enjoy life more. (Hmmmm . . .)
#6 – Quit drinking. (See #4)
#7 – Get out of debt. (See #4)
#8 – Learn something new. (That should be easy!)
#9 – Help others. (Laudable, but shouldn’t we try to do that every day?)
#10 – Get organized. (I can see why people waited for the New Year to commit to that one. Getting organized and procrastination often go hand-in-hand.)

Catch my drift? All ten resolutions are promises, commitments we could make to ourselves any day of the year. When you “resolve” to do something, you are fairly certain to work hard at its accomplishment. So if you want to improve, why wait for the big New Year’s Resolution Production Number?

I kind of feel as though I failed in my commitment to this blog. I promised to write 365 days of celebration; to find something to celebrate every day of the year. Well, I’m laggin’. Must admit I was on a roll there at the beginning. Then I ran out of steam. And time. I can rationalize by saying I WILL write 365 days – just not consecutively, but that’s not really fair is it? I know if I had any faithful readers to start with, they’ve fallen by the wayside after seeing one static post for weeks (months? gulp) at a time.

I apologize. But I did not make a New Year’s Resolution to be a better blogger! Here’s what I will resolve. That I will not abandon this blog. That I will remain true to its intent. And that I will find something to celebrate every day, even if it doesn’t make its way to a post.

And, yes. Since my last post, I have witnessed some wondrous winter scenes. Ponds frozen smooth as mirrors. It amazes me to imagine that when those little bodies of water froze solid, there was no wind, not even a breeze to ruffle the surface. Sunrises and sunsets so strikingly beautiful that I wanted to watch until they gave way to the night. The colors were so vibrant, rich, majestic. The cloud formations reminded me of those amazing photographs from the Hubbell telescope – otherworldly exotic.

But the most breathtaking was a frosty morning when I swear starlight was reflected in the ice crystals on the grass. It was like a fairy world. Look up – see winter white sparkling stars. Look down – see winter white sparkling everywhere. I was awestruck.

What if we all resolved, today, to find something – one thing – everyday to celebrate and turn all our days into joys to be lived? Now THAT’S a resolution! C

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