Day 41: Hidden Treasure

I hereby proclaim today, November 12, NATIONAL JUNK DRAWER DAY! (Hey, why not? Sunday, November 14 is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, sooooo . . .)

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You have one, don’t you? A junk drawer? Usually it’s a kitchen drawer so full of “stuff” you can barely open it without something trying to escape. I fill my junk drawer with things I think I might need/want someday so I will know exactly where to find them. “Junk drawer” is really a misnomer. I don’t keep junk, I keep “stuff.”

Haven’t taken junk drawer inventory in a while, so I’m going by a memory snapshot of the last time I opened it. Here’s a by no means complete listing:

Rubber bands. Never know when you’ll need one, but you’ll know there’s one in the junk drawer.

Twist ties. How many do YOU have in YOUR junk drawer? Those don’t come in as handy as I think when I toss them in, but twist ties still live there and are a growing community!

Stray nails, pins, screws, etc. I don’t want to take the time to find out EXACTLY where they should go or IF I need to keep them so — in they go.

“Things of interest” (probably only to moi) that I pick up on our walks: a blue marble, a golf ball, more than likely a cool rock or two, etc. What I plan on doing with them if they are ever removed from their confines, I don’t know.

Band-Aids. Gotta have those in the kitchen, right? I have 3 partial boxes. For some reason it seems they just don’t make Band-Aids like they used to. Plus, like everything else, there are approximately 100 DIFFERENT KINDS of Band-Aids facing you on the store shelf. Well, that might be a tad overstated, but it sure seems like it.

Writing utensils like pens running out of ink and either nibs of pencils or pencils with broken leads or pencils with no erasers. Why do I keep those? All I would have to do is separate them from the rest of the junk and throw them away. But something in the back of my mind tells me I might, someday, need a lead pencil . . . or desperately need to scratch out a note with disappearing ink.

Small baggie filled with shelf brackets, the small clear plastic ones.

Scotch tape usually resides in the junk drawer. But for some reason, tape is really hard to keep track of. I guess each time I use it I think it should be in a better, more “rational” safe-keeping place . . .

Health & Beauty items: While rooting through my junk drawer the other day, I discovered the Burt’s Bees Cuticle Balm I purchased last winter in a desperate attempt to save my nails. Forgot I even had it. Good timing though. That’s what’s kind of fun about junk drawers. They contain little gems we’ve totally forgotten about. Finding them is like unearthing hidden treasure. Makes me smile.

Corks. Oh, yes. The ubiquitous wine bottle cork(s). Why do we keep those anyway? (I assume everyone who enjoys a glass of wine does.) I mean, really. Do I expect to retrieve a cork from the junk drawer some day and think, “I remember this wine!” (?) Remember the bulletin boards people made out of corks? I never made one, but I thought they were pretty neat. Now they don’t even make corks out of cork.

Bits of string, a couple of paper clips, and probably a receipt or two and an expired coupon or three.

Batteries, an assortment, not packaged.

A plastic Easter egg. Don’t know if it was hidden there, or if I finally found it and decided to keep it for next year . . .

Scissors are assigned to the junk drawer; however, they often follow the tape to parts unknown. . .

Calculator. I think it actually works.

So, today, National Junk Drawer Day, you can start a junk drawer, organize your junk drawer, clean out your junk drawer, OR simply empty the contents of your junk drawer into the garbage without a second thought. You may want to rescue the more important items prior. You probably won’t miss the rest.

Does having a junk drawer mean we’re lazy? Or does having a junk drawer mean we are being conscientious by saving the things we may not have an immediate need for so we won’t need to buy them when we do? I prefer the latter explanation. 🙂 Celebrate the workings of the mind! C

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