Day 39: Old Man Winter

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We were blessed with the perfect summer and have been blessed with a perfectly delightful fall. Our spring weather was rainy, as I suppose Springs should be. Now I feel Old Man Winter breathing down my neck. And I DON’T LIKE IT. He has very bad breath.

Gotta get over it. Winter will come no matter how much I wish it wouldn’t. With the time change, getting home in near darkness, and having no “outside” time (playing ball with my dog called on account of darkness!), it feels like I’ve lost something. So, I need to find something to look forward to. Thanksgiving? (A mere two weeks away – yikes.) Christmas? Yeah, sort of.

The first snow? Not really, except for the fact that my dog LOVES the snow and it is fun to watch her snow-bunny antics. It will be my first winter to cross-country ski if I can get the hang of it.

Otherwise, winter means being housebound and when you’re not housebound, you’re driving on snow-packed, icy roads with drivers who mistakenly believe they are superheros or something. You have to dress like an Eskimo and then struggle your way into the office against hurricane force bone-chilling winds. Once inside, the battle for the thermostat begins . . .

Winter does have its moments of beauty. Picture postcard winter landscapes of frost and new fallen snow “gave a luster of midday to objects below.” (WHERE THE H— DID THAT COME FROM?? It’s a line from The Night Before Christmas . . .)

Fog plagued us periodically last winter. But to be honest, you have never seen anything more beautiful than fog crystallizing on trees. Trees, shrubs, grasses – all are coated with it, and when sunlight hits the ice crystals, the world explodes with dazzling brilliance. A true Winter Wonderland. The scene makes you catch your breath and wish you could go on looking at it forever.

But you don’t of course. The ice crystals melt and the world goes back to gray and drab white.

I guess I’ll just look forward to the END of winter and the start of a new year with flowers and birds and budding trees and growing things. Meanwhile, we’ll get through it and probably have some great times. I’ll keep you posted. 😉

Celebrate whatcha got! C

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