Day 38: Bambi Hunting

A white-tailed deer

Image via Wikipedia

(Note: I didn’t really skip Day 37, I posted two Day 33’s . . .)

November 13 is the first day of Deer Rifle Season in our neck of the woods. (You’re seeing what’s coming, aren’t you?)

I would like to think this is the day deer everywhere arm themselves and from their cleverly camouflaged bunkers, take aim at unsuspecting hunters. Unfortunately, it’s just the opposite.

I think I’ve heard every pro-hunting argument in the books. Those arguments usually center around the “fact” that there are simply too many deer and they cause accidents. PLUS, when they overpopulate, deer succumb to a terribly painful disease. So it is the hunter’s DUTY to help the deer population by — KILLING THEM.  Guess a shot to the head (if the deer’s lucky) is better than painfully wasting away. What does the deer know? They’re DEAD either way.

Let’s take a closer look at these arguments.

1. Deer do not CAUSE the accidents. PEOPLE cause accidents by driving too fast and not paying attention to the road because they’re too busy texting or talking on their cell phones, drinking/eating, talking with their passengers, fiddling with the radio, etc. etc. But hey. Blame the animals for doing what they’ve done for thousands of years. Humans put roads in the animals’ way.

2. How do we know the disease is painful? Who appointed hunters to act as GOD anyway? Nature takes care of animal populations. In my opinion, there is no reason for humans to intrude. Whatever did deer do before man came on the scene? Doesn’t nature in some way allow animals to overpopulate? Did anybody ever wonder if it is our actions that CAUSE wild animals to overpopulate . . .?

Yes. I have heard that deer meat is very delicious. (But you won’t starve if you don’t KILL deer. Give me a break.) Does that convince me to eat it? NO! Does that convince me that hunting is humane or necessary? NO! Hunters inevitably come back with “Well you eat cows don’t you?” Not a logical retort. IMO, hunting is nothing more than a bunch of guys getting together with GUNS and BEER and having a grand old time killing innocent animals. Hunting is a POWER TRIP. I hate the thought of it. Even worse when they field dress a deer and leave the remains on the side of the road. THAT really starts my day off right. 😦

Slight departure: Have you ever heard guys hunting coyotes? (Used to hunt them from planes — now THAT’s sport for you. Don’t know if they do that anymore.) I’ve heard them whooping, hollering, whistling, and honking horns to scare coyotes out of their hiding places so the hunters can take potshots at them. Wow. Doesn’t that sound like FUN? It sounded like a horrible nightmare to me because I could imagine the coyotes’ fear and confusion . . .

Sorry, guys. Just can’t buy the hunting thing. And trophy hunting? Good grief. Hunt down the most majestic stag, elk, moose, wolf, or bear you can find and be sure to KILL it, CUT OFF ITS HEAD, get it stuffed, and hang it in your den so you can regale your cronies with hunting stories and celebrate the slaughter with a snifter of brandy. Nice.

Wish hunters would remember that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Where’s the celebration in this post, you’re wondering? I guess I’m hoping that people celebrate the wonders of nature every day, its beautiful creatures and the breathtaking moments it provides for our appreciation, not destruction. C

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