Day 35: Inside a Dog’s Mind

If you don’t own a pet, this post may be of no interest to you. Feel free to read on though, perhaps you will be moved to add one to your family! 🙂

I would like to mind-meld with my dog. Just for one day. I think it would be so cool to experience the world from her point of view.

To smell the air and know what creatures were close by, or which ones had passed through during the night. To sniff a pant leg, sleeve, or car tire and know all was right with my world.

To hear a human’s voice and what we sound like. To feel a human’s touch and what that touch says.

To eat without hands, and discover why sticks are so darned good! To feel the wind in my fur. To sense the change of seasons.

To run really fast and snatch the ball out of thin air – in my mouth! To smell the scent of another animal and know everything about them.

What it feels like to dig! What tail-wagging feels like. To find out what dog-dreams are made of. How it feels to wear a collar, be on a leash, and learn commands. To know how she feels our love. To find out how difficult it is to balance on three legs while scratching a shoulder. To understand how to “smell” my way home.

If we could be our pets for just one day, the world would be a better place. Pets would no longer be mistreated or ignored. They would be cared for and cherished, all their needs met. They would want for nothing. And we would be all the wiser for it.

Celebrate unconditionally! C

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