Day 34: The Great Equalizer

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Not what you think. The Great Equalizer is a craft fair. Yes. You heard me correctly. A CRAFT FAIR.

During my vacation, I had the opportunity to attend a HUGE craft fair. By nature, I am not a “crafty” person, but this fair is an October tradition I just had to see.

The countryside was picturesque as only Midwestern countrysides can be in October. Harvested fields, trees blazing with color, pastoral scenes of cattle, sheep, and horses. Babbling brooks. Peaceful. So quiet we could hear the leaves falling around our fabulous wooded retreat.

Peaceful and quiet until . . . the FAIR! I don’t remember the last time I saw SO MANY people in one place! Even though booths were spread throughout a very large park, there was no choice but to follow the crowd. Walking upstream was a definite no-no! Shoulder to shoulder we were virtually carried past vendors selling gorgeous leaded crystal snowflake ornaments, dried flower wreaths and arrangements, thousands of lawn ornaments, candles, clocks, jewelry, paintings, pottery. You name it. It had to be there — somewhere. You took your life in your own hands if you tried to stop to actually see something up close.

People from all walks of life at that park looking for a bargain, a unique Christmas gift, or the perfect Halloween decoration. Young, very young. Old, very old. And everyone in between. No haute couture. No paparazzi. Lots of dogs. (The animals, not the people!) Now honestly. How much interest does a dog have in Name Rocks? Granted, it was a great venue for pet socializing, but it was unusually warm and the poor things all looked very sweaty, very thirsty, and very tired.

But for all the people, I don’t recall hearing a crying baby or voices raised in anger. Isn’t that rather odd? Crying, screaming children abound at the local grocery store. Were all these children at the craft fair Stepford children? But no, many kids were playing games for prizes in the Kid Korral. Babies slept soundly in strollers. Little ones toddled around the playground, and parents looked relieved for the diversion. I did overhear a young girl explaining to her parents that she wasn’t lost, she knew exactly where she was . . . 🙂

That October day was a real study in humanity. Everyone at the Fair had a common purpose: to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with family and friends, oooh and aaah over amazing finds, and ask themselves – “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Craft a celebration all your own! C

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