Day 33: To be Happy or – Not to Be

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Good to be back! More on my little vaca later. Today is all about HAPPINESS . . .

Webster’s Dictionary defines happiness as: 1) a state of well-being and contentment (joy) and 2) a pleasurable or satisfying experience. Webster’s has relegated good fortune and prosperity to obsolescence as definitions for happiness. So what does that tell you . . .? Money does not equal happiness. Thank you Webster.

I don’t know if contentment and joy are synonymous. I think of contentment as a quiet, satisfied feeling that you don’t really share with anyone. It’s your feeling. Like giving yourself a hug. Like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket and feeling that all is right with your world. A time when you can actually say you have no worries, no stress, no misgivings, no regrets. Joy to me is celebratory. Joy is exultation! Joy is a package of good feelings you open with friends and family.

So. You have happiness = contentment, or happiness = joy, or happiness = pleasurable experience. According to Webster anyway. Hmmm.

If you’re happy, do you go around with a big smile on your face all the time? Conversely, if you’re unhappy, a frown? Or is happiness something you have inside that only evinces itself in the way you interact with others? If you are happy, does that mean you are never angry? If you are unhappy, does that mean you are always crying? But people cry out of happiness, don’t they? Tears of joy?

My definition of happiness? You may wish to refer to my Blog #18 – Little Things Make Me Happy. I’m just don’t think happiness is a continual state of being. I believe we have happy times and sad times. Because without the sad, we would never experience the happy. Are you following this? I’m happy when the Huskers win. (Very unhappy about the Texas fiasco.) I’m happy when someone stumbles across my blog and leaves a comment! 🙂 Those are my special, happy moments.

Webster’s offers these synonyms for happiness: beatitude, blessedness, bliss, felicity, gladness, warm fuzzies. (Really, warm fuzzies!)

So, if we follow Webster’s lead, happiness does not equal satisfaction. Happiness does not equal absence of responsibility. In my humble opinion, moments are happy and you make those for yourself. Doing something you like to do whether it’s spending time with family, rolling down a hill, laughing with a friend, playing with your pet, throwing snowballs. Happiness is a moment in time. And if you have just one of those moments a day, I believe you should consider yourself – happy.

Celebrate happiness – your way! C

(Excellent article by Matthieu Ricard, btw!)

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