Day 31: Animals Along the Way

I mark my commute to work progress by the animals that reside along the way.

Here they are, in order, morning commute:
1. This time of year, usually a herd of wild turkeys in the draw just around the corner.
2. Pasture of Herefords and 4 baby calves. (So darned CUTE!)
3. Two Appaloosas (Although I haven’t seen them for awhile. Hope they’re okay.)
4. Goat “farm” (but it also has sheep and cattle)
5. Four beautiful thoroughbreds.
6. A Newfoundland.
7. Another herd of turkeys.

Here they are, in order, evening commute:
1. Dairy cows (Holsteins and a Murray Gray)
2. Two horses, one black with white spots just on his rump. Looks like someone shook a paint brush at him!
3. Pig farm (You don’t always see the pigs, but you can SMELL them! Reminds me of the state fair.)
4. Pasture of miniature horses.
5. A German Shorthair (Housed in a dinky “run”. The dog does have shade, but it seems every time I pass by, it’s running around in circles in the pen. I don’t think it’s owner pays much attention to it — poor baby.)
6. A Chocolate Lab – who also is in a run, but a very nice one. The run gate is open often, so I imagine the dog is out riding around with its master and having a great time!
7. Back to the missing Appaloosas, the Herefords, then sometimes a Golden Retriever whose favorite place (I believe) is the picnic table!
8. Turkey sighting possible!

By now you know I’m a total goof-ball when it comes to animals. I gave my mother absolute fits when I was a toddler because I had to pet every dog I saw! Big or small, made no difference to me. I simply had to love on them! I still speak to every dog I come across. Sometimes they’re with their owners (I acknowledge the owners of course), but most often the dogs are trapped in a car/truck in a parking lot. Love meeting the dogs that get to come in to the local pet store. They’re usually so happy! Well — they are shopping after all :).

Celebrate all creatures great and small! C

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