Day 29: This New Day

I am looking out my window now at a blue sky criss-crossed with contrails just beginning to dissipate. They are distinct from the clouds only by their straight lines. A gorgeous fall day that started with a glorious, starry morning. The moon still shining bright white, surrounded by stars in the blue-black crystalline sky. So still. So peaceful.

Dawn just breaking. Announcing itself subtly, quietly with a faint yellow-white glow at the horizon. Trees in stark silhouette. Night slowly giving up its hold to the palest of pinks, violets, and oranges. Birds not yet venturing from their nests.

If people all over the world could wake up to this serenity, and pay it the attention it begs, war would be non-existent. Hatred put aside. Anger a foregone emotion. We all have the opportunity to feel the beginning of a new day, if only we would. Another day to live. To experience good things. To be kind – to others and ourselves. To laugh. To enjoy being.

When you allow yourself to be surrounded by nature, when you allow yourself to be part of it, worries fade. Concerns seem small in comparison to the grandeur before you. The most amazing thing is that EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE has this opportunity. True, not everyone can enjoy the quiet tranquility of the countryside. However, I imagine, I want to believe, that there are beautiful, special moments in nature throughout the world that people can wonder over and be in awe of, and somehow be grateful to be part of.

That is my wish for our world. That is my wish for you. Celebrate every new day. C

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