Day 28: Stray Thoughts

Photo BHG

Today is National Strawberry Cream Pie Day . . .

I started to post a Strawberry Cream Pie recipe, but strawberries are not in season. Don’t know why in the world somebody decided that we should celebrate National Strawberry Cream Pie Day in SEPTEMBER? Summer is the time for strawberries, like June . . . Glazed Pear Day or National Pumpkin Pie Day would be much more appropriate for September. But what do I know?

During my night-time wanderings in the vast wasteland of my mind, a color popped into my head. Not the color exactly, but the NAME of a color: Pressed Cloud White. And another: Bittersweet Warmth.

What color would Pressed Cloud White be?

Well, obviously white. But would it be the pure white of snow? The creamy white of milk? Would it be the silver white of fine linen?

I think it would have a bit of very, very pale robin’s egg blue – just one tiny drop, and a smidge of sunrise pink, about 1/2 a tiny drop. With those two tints, in just the right light, Pressed Cloud White would possess a luminous lavender sheen.

The color “Bittersweet Warmth” would of course be the rich orange-red of bittersweet with some russet and cinnamon tones. Perfect for Fall pillows or tableware.

My first color image came to me a while ago, again in the middle of the night. This one came to me as a color only – turquoise/teal. Vibrant. Alive. One of the mesmerizing colors of the Caribbean. The color image was fleeting, but it left me with such a feeling of happiness and peace. Bizarre.

There are so many words in the English language that I don’t imagine we use even 1/10 of them. “Sudden” popped into my head (out of nowhere, mind you . . .) as a word we don’t use very often. Sudden or suddenly. When was the last time someone uttered the word “suddenly” in a conversation? Something to think about.

Ever have a Charlie Horse? Oh, man. Those are the absolute worst, because it seems they always snag you up from sleep in the middle of the night. Your calf turns to stone with no warning accompanied by incredible pain. Usually this causes you to scream — or curse loudly. Now. The Million Dollar Question: why is that kind of cramp called a Charlie Horse? Why not a Tom Donkey?

Stray thoughts. Are they like stray cats? Stray cats supposedly don’t “belong” to anyone, right? But if you have “stray thoughts”, aren’t they your thoughts with a kind of wanderlust? Or, are they thoughts belonging to someone else that just stray unannounced into your brain? Food for thought – eh?

Today, celebrate  — SUDDENLY! 🙂 C

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1 Response to Day 28: Stray Thoughts

  1. Bea Elliott says:

    Hi… I’m reading backwards – Your blog and you intrigue me. Also amuse me as well – “stray thoughts” belonging to someone else – How clever.

    The image and message you have about “peace” on Day 29 – is lovely… I’d like to wish this kind of an awakening to life and “the good” in everyone. To have serenity and tranquility consume them so that there is no room or need for war… A beautiful day indeed. 😉

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