Day 24: No microwave

Correction to the Halloween quote I attributed to my young self a few posts back. According to my mom (who should know). She said she had told me that I only needed to say “Trick or Treat!” when someone answered their door. I didn’t need to say anything else or tell anyone my name. She was hiding behind a tree when she heard the gentleman ask me my name, and my prompt response: “Never mind the name, bud, just trick or treat!” ๐Ÿ™‚


Today is National Cher
ries Jubilee Day — excellent!

OMG! The microwave in the break room at work gave up theย ghost the other day. You can’t even IMAGINE the whining that ensued. Grown women on the verge of TEARS because they wouldn’t be able to microwave their Lean Cuisines. They were looking at me like I should pull a microwave out of my . . . desk drawer or something.

I was waiting for one of them to say, “Well, are we going to get a new one?” Notice the pronoun WE. Ha. We my BUTT. Either I go purchase a microwave or I’ll have to listen to them whine and complain for the rest of eternity. Whatever happened to brown-bagging it?

I mean I was really trying hard not to bust out laughing! They reminded me of someone in the desert finding out that the other person had just drunk the last drop of water in the canteen! The desperation on their faces was priceless! Oh, I’m so mean. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Technology. What ever did we do before microwaves? Remember when they first came out? They were positively GIGANTIC! Now they are about as smart as one of us. I guess before microwaves our moms made us sandwiches for lunch, and cooked us hot meals on the stove top or in the oven for dinner. Moms planned ahead and timed all of our meals perfectly. It’s the “convenience generation” that can’t live without microwaves. How about a tuna sandwich or a salad for lunch? You don’t have to microwave those.

Huge pet peeve: people who take the first 30-45 minutes of COMPANY TIME making their breakfast. Good grief. If you want a hot breakfast, MAKE IT AT HOME. Can’t they get out of bed a few minutes early to eat breakfast before they come to work? Makes the office smell like a greasy spoon. Ditto microwave lunches or leftovers. Hate to walk into an office that smells like cooking. One day somebody microwaved fish . . .

My dad worked with a friend of his during the summer doing appliance repairs. Mom said Dad was amazed at the emotional turmoil caused by a broken dishwasher. She remembers him saying: “Don’t they know you can fill up a sink with water and detergent to wash your dishes?”

EXACTLY. Come on, folks. You’re adults. Can you say “ADJUST”? Celebrate the good ol’ days! C

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