Day 18: Happiness

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Little Things Make Me Happy*, like —

1. A freshly graded country road with no potholes.
2. The sweet sound of a bobwhite.
3. Crunching an apple fresh off the tree.
4. Rainbows.
5. Dragonflies.
6. Baby animals.
7. A good book and the time to read it.
8. The smell of mowed grass.
9. A wood fire.
10. A GREAT hamburger!
11. The color green.
12. Laughing with my sibs!
13. Shopping with my mom.
14. Plowed roads in the winter.
15. A clean car.
16. Visiting my college.
17. Remembering my dad.
18. Cardinals in the winter.
19. The first crocus.
20. Christmas decorations.
21. Playing ball with my dog.
22. Our garden (which is not all that little!)
23. Flowers.
24. “Helping” with my husband’s projects.
25. The color of the Caribbean.
26. Watching old family videos.
27. A really good cup of coffee.
28. Squirrel watching.
29. Being welcomed by family at the airport.
30. Writing.
*Randomly generated.

Celebrate the little things. C

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1 Response to Day 18: Happiness

  1. Bea Elliott says:

    Everything sounds perfect to me… Except one thing – “The GREAT hamburger” – I suppose I’ve learned much to much to disconnect from how awful somethings had to be to make that hamburger exist…. I would substitute this on the list of happiness and replace it with a veggie burger and be just fine with that too. šŸ˜‰

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