Day 17: Pumpkin Prep

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Today is National Apple Dumpling Day! Yum! If I knew how to make dumplings, I’d use some of our Golden Delicious, just-picked. May have to settle for pie.

When I committed to my 365-day blog, I didn’t realize how difficult it might be at times to find something to write about. Take today for example. I’m a total blank. Nothing is really grabbing me for subject matter. I feel like I’ve covered the gamut when I know that can’t be possible. Could this be . . . (DUMdumDUMdumDUMdum) “writer’s block?!” (Blood-curdling scream sound effect here.)

Oh. I just gave myself an idea. Halloween. Even though it’s a month away, it’s never to soon to buy that candy or assemble the costume that will scare everybody witless (or cutely enchant them).

Halloween was fun when I was a kid. My mom tells the story of one of my first Halloweens out trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. My knock was answered by an older gentleman. I guess I just stood there, because he prompted me: “You’re supposed to say ‘Trick or Treat!'” My response: “Never mind the trick or treat bub, just give me the candy.” What a little wise a–.

Halloween, like everything else, has changed. Now it’s just kind of a pain. Call me the Halloween Grinch. (Boo Hum Bug!) Kids you don’t know ringing your doorbell for handouts, some of them (the kids) waaaay too old to be trick-or-treating. Smashed pumpkins in the streets. Toilet paper in the trees (most often it’s wet and soggy because it rains before anybody can get the TP down). We used to have Halloween parties that actually featured bobbing for apples! Can you dig it? Then the lights would go out as we sat in a spooky circle and passed around stuff like “eyeball” grapes and spaghetti “brains“, squealing at the gross-ness and giggling at our fright.

About Halloween decorations. Must say that I just can’t go the black “Christmas” trees adorned with scary ornaments. Can you say COMMERCIALISM? Wow. (Of course there are also purple “Christmas” trees with Easter Egg ornaments. Easter egg light strings. More later . . .) Give me an old-fashioned Jack-O-Lantern carved out of a real pumpkin lighted by a real wax candle, and that’s all the Halloween I need. Of course a little candy corn never hurts.

I refuse to do anything even remotely Halloween-y until I find the biggest, baddest, orange-est pumpkin in my garden. Then the celebration may begin! Celebrate the days that bring us together. C

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