Day 16: Fishing

Bass boat, aluminum, on High Rock Lake

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I miss fishing. I drive by a pretty little pond on my commute and every so often I’ll notice that tell-tale ripple that means “fish.” Up at the crack of dawn (or earlier). Get the boat on the water with the whole day ahead. Just you, the water, fresh air, beautiful scenery, and if you’re lucky, fish. Sometimes they bite. Sometimes they don’t. When you’re fortunate enough to experience the thrill of a bass striking your top-water lure — it almost makes you drop your pole. But then you regroup and get serious. Reeling furiously while keeping the line taut. Exerting a little tug every so often to make sure it’s still on the hook. Keeping the pole perpendicular with no slack in the line. Truly an art form — really.

Shore fishing isn’t as enjoyable as fishing off the boat because you can’t get away from the bugs. But bobber-fishing can be pretty fun. You are lulled into an almost trance-like state as you watch the bobber wobble along on the waves. Waiting, waiting, waiting for it to disappear, hoping you can set the hook fast enough. The last time I caught a catfish I didn’t think I would be able to get it to shore! Reeling with all my might. The fish wasn’t that heavy; I’ve just gotten that wimpy . . .

We’ve always practiced catch and release. It’s more fun for me that way ’cause I don’t particularly care to eat them. And I don’t like to see (hear!) their heads bashed in so they can be gutted and cleaned. Utterly gross. I think I watched my dad clean too many fish when I was young. It was fascinating business then, but I can’t stomach it now.

When you’re boat fishing, if the fish aren’t biting in one place, you just start the trolling motor and languidly move to another promising spot. Rock outcroppings are good as are deep water inlets. Sometimes the shallows are great if you can keep from getting stuck on a submerged tree . . . Of course having a fish finder is a big help too. 🙂 WE moved languidly. Other fisher-people in their glittery bass boats STREAKED across the water leaving us rocking in their wake. I never quite understood why you would need to get to another fishing spot in 0.2 seconds (or whatever) unless you were competition fishing. I think it’s a guy thing.

A great fishing hole, your best bud, and a bologna sandwich. Celebrate the one that got away! C

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1 Response to Day 16: Fishing

  1. Bea Elliott says:

    As I said I was going backwards… By now you might have discovered that I am vegan… But I also have a lot of experience “fishing”. I live in an area that boasts 554 lakes – But most of my time has been spent on salt water in the gulf or east coast waterways and Atlantic… I know what you mean about the grossness of fish “cleaning”… Even when I ate fishes it was none too appealing. And well I guess now, nothing about “flesh” is appetizing… Certainly not the idea of taking a life to have it. Quite a contrast from the me I once was who couldn’t wait for the thrill of some(one) on the end of my hook. A lot of it was the mystery of what might be the “catch of the day”.

    In any event… I try to remember the good times — There were many especially if I divorce the negative that I’ve come to realize is there… Now I’d just as soon spend the time in nature and letting it alone as much as I can. There’s a beauty in being a part of something without having to take “souvenirs” as validation. (imho) ~Peace~

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