Day 15: The Best of Days

To keep you up-to-date, tomorrow, September 16, is Collect Rocks Day and National Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day. Today, September 15th, is the day the puzzle was invented – can’t say I’ve ever wondered about that, but now I know. My grandniece would be thrilled with the Collect Rocks celebration. At 1 1/2 years old, rocks are way cool! Any rock. Doesn’t have to be “pretty.” Just a plain old rock will do. 🙂

As little kids, one of the really fun summer things to do was coloring rocks. Mom would send us outside with crayons and water colors and it was up to us to find the perfect rocks to act as natural canvases. The endeavor would last for hours as we discovered, rejected, and finally set upon the chosen rock with colorful abandon. If I don’t have at least one of those artistic attempts in one of my memory boxes, I would be surprised.

When rocks were forgotten and we graduated from training wheels to the real thing, bicycles were all the entertainment we needed for a full day of fun. Whether exploring town or riding in bicycle rodeos, we owned the summer! I know my mother held her breath as she watched us perform daring feats of bicycle acrobatics, like standing one-footed on the seat — while moving. Or turning the front wheel around backwards to use as a seat while we pedaled backward in circles. Racing and coming to a screeching, scrutch-leaving stop was beyond fun. It was exciting! It was daring! It was “dangerous.”

Tree houses and club houses were all the rage. About the time we’d have a place fixed up the way we wanted it, the passion was gone and we were on to something else. Hiking in the woods. Following streams wherever they wandered. Skulking through alleys searching for green apples or flowers to take home. The bigger the challenge, the better! Catching crawdads by the hundreds with just pieces of bacon tied to strings. What we still don’t quite fathom is why we caught so many and why we brought them home . . . I guess we wanted to share the “joy” with mom and dad, but I don’t think our parents ever really appreciated our efforts.

Today, ride a bike. Paint a rock. Catch a crawdad. Celebrate your inner kid! 😉 C

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1 Response to Day 15: The Best of Days

  1. Bea Elliott says:

    Celebrate your inner kid… Let the crawdad live. 😉

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