Day 14: Seasons

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I apologize for not informing you of Monday’s special celebrations: National Peanut Day, Helicopter Day, and International Chocolate Day. So, if you took a helicopter ride and enjoyed chocolate-covered peanuts up in the wild blue yonder – you celebrated the day in style!
Nothing signals the end of summer quite like the appearance of combines and shorn corn fields. Harvest has begun. Pumpkins are turning that glorious orange that only pumpkins can be. Cottonwood trees are just beginning to gold. Sunflowers abound in riots of rich yellow-orange. Goldenrod bows to the wind and fall mums explode in color on jade green lawns. The beautiful jewel tones of Autumn are upon us.
Harvest time should be cause for celebration. Thanksgiving is time for family and wonderful traditions. But Autumn holds a kind of melancholy for me. I can’t explain it. It’s saying good-bye to sunlit summer evenings, growing things, bird song. While I know it will all be back in a few months, I already miss those sweet, halcyon days.
Autumn fools me once in a while, however. Indian Summer days of sunny warmth, crystal-clear blue skies, cool breezes, falling leaves whispering their secrets as they settle gently to earth. The raucous cry of a rascal blue jay. Scampering squirrels chasing up, down, and around sturdy oaks. Crunchy acorns underfoot. Beautiful sunsets.
It’s the seasons, I try to convince myself. I will rejoice again in Spring with the first warm day as shoots of new grass struggle to be free. Summer will return in all its hot, humid, buggy glory. The smell of new mown grass will fill the air, and this summer kid will be home again. The seasons will start anew. Celebrate yours! C
P.S. – I apologize for the random formatting. WordPress is not heeding my commands  . . .
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