Day 12: Reality

Rush Hour (film)

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Reality Shows. Watch ’em? Personally, I have enough “reality” in my life, thank you very much.

Come on. How “real” can those shows be when you’ve got lights, cameras, cameramen/women? You know they’re scripted. I say the only difference between reality shows and regular “TV shows” is that the reality “actors” are playing themselves and not characters.

Now I MIGHT watch a Road Rage reality show! That would be a hoot!

What you do is put cameras and mics in say, 10 cars. The drivers wouldn’t know when the cameras are active. (Don’t ask me about the technical stuff and how this then gets itself to your TV. I’m the idea person.) Then you tune in to see and hear them ranting and raving at other drivers! Waddya think? It would be great viewing; however, the audio might be nothing but a succession of “BLEEPS.”

Now don’t tell me you never do it! Show me a driver who NEVER screams ANYTHING or performs ANY gesture directed at another driver/car, and I’ll show you a mannequin behind the wheel. Maybe that could be the show: suss out drivers who have never experienced a fit of road rage. . . (do those people even exist?)

How about a Pet Reality Show? Well, it wouldn’t be scripted. Kind of like the Puppy Bowl during Super Bowl half. Gotta admit — it’s pretty darned cute!

A Forest Ranger Reality Show! A Used Car Salesman Reality Show! (Either the car is used or the salesman, makes no dif.) No. WAIT! A TRAFFIC COP REALITY SHOW! Yeah – that’s the ticket! (Like Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 3 – I think.) The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Hey. Celebrate a great day and — get real! 🙂 C

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1 Response to Day 12: Reality

  1. Bea Elliott says:

    I don’t understand reality shows either… So sad some lives are so empty they have to be vicariously filled by being a voyeur into the non-reality of other’s who live empty lives.

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