Day 10: Weekend

Coney Island hot dog

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On the way to work this morning I was behind a car that was going so slowly I got bored. . .

Today we get to celebrate Hot Dog Day! Seriously! Today, September 10th, is Hot Dog Day. (I immediately assumed the day was for consuming Coney Island Dogs, but, it could mean “hot” dogs, i.e., canines. So. Have a dog with mustard and relish for lunch, and treat your dog(s) to a cold shower after work. Something like that.

Don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but doesn’t time seem to be flying by? (Criminny! Stores will have Christmas decorations out before the Halloween candy’s gone!) And to make it worse, we have a tendency to look forward to the next weekend before the last one is over. Why is that? One Monday a co-worker commented as she walked out the door at 5: “Well. Monday’s over.” Yep. That work day is now a memory. Those minutes never to be recovered. Should we be so eager for time to pass? I vote no.

I treasure my weekends as much as anyone. Weekends are my days to run errands, window shop with my Mom (sometimes we actually BUY something), do laundry, clean house (if the spirit moves me 🙂 ), play ball with my girl (read: dog), check out the garden for last minute goodies, relax on the deck, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the country.

But we need to learn how to treasure EVERY day. At least little parts of each.

On one leg of my route to work, it seemed a squirrel was on the same time schedule as me. For two days in a row, he scampered across the road in front of me – of course I stopped! – bearing a walnut feast. Now, whether he recovering those, or on his way to storing them I’ll never know, but that image makes me smile.

Gather all your special moments and keep them close in your heart. They are sunshine on a gloomy day, or when sadness weighs heavy on your soul. They are the best medicine to counteract a bad day or crazy rush hour (or not!) traffic. They are the beginning of good dreams. And they are uniquely YOURS.

Just like that little squirrel and his walnut cache, our special times will get us all through the coldest of winters. Cherish and celebrate every minute! C

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1 Response to Day 10: Weekend

  1. Bea Elliott says:

    Veggie-dogs are a great alternative! 😉

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