Day 9: Teachers

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Just so you won’t fall too far behind with your September “special days”, yesterday was National Literacy Day and today is Teddy Bear Day! So give your favorite Teddy a big hug! 🙂

Now that the school year has started, I thought it might be appropriate to hop on my soap box for teachers.  Who didn’t have a favorite teacher in grade school that they still remember today? Teaching should be the highest-paid profession in the world. Sadly, teachers are woefully underpaid for keeping students interested, involved, and inspired.

I come from a teaching family. My mom taught country school when those one-room classrooms were still a vital part of the school system. My sister teaches pre-school. My dad was a science teacher, a junior high school principal, and completed his career teaching Elementary Education for 35 years at a private college. My sister-in-law teaches children who are reading-challenged.

I thought with that background, I would teach as well. Wrong. I tried taking Elementary Ed in college, but quickly found out it wasn’t for me. Maybe it was that one semester of student-teaching 7th grade math that did it. I’ve never been swift at math, and the kids let me know it big time. I couldn’t fathom what they were trying to accomplish. Why I ended up student-teaching a MATH class — I’ll never know.

But my sis, mom, and dad LOVED teaching. Their students kept them apprised of important accomplishments long after they had left school. My dad received wedding invitations, baby announcements, you name it, from his former students. He even carried on the tradition for years of being Santa Claus calling from the North Pole for one of his student’s children! But we all got into the act on that one. When we were home for the holidays and my dad placed that very special call on Christmas Eve, we would gather around the phone with jingle bells and try to sound like elves — it was Christmas in the finest sense of the word!

My sister has stories that would make you laugh until you cried, not just about her students, but about their parents. OMG! One that stands out with me happened during parent teacher conferences. My sister was explaining the part of the evaluation that said: Can button, can zip, can snap. The mom said, “So you mean . . .” and snapped her fingers! Okaaaaay. . . Then there is the little boy who, on the first day of school, refers to the bathroom as the “head.”

Mom has great country school stories, and I will follow-up with those down the road.

Suffices to say, in my opinion teachers are not paid what they are worth and with few exceptions, are not appreciated enough by the parents whose children they teach. But in the face of all odds and pathetic pay, they have the patience of Job and they CARE about what they do every day. Would that all of us could approach each day with that attitude. Teachers deserve a celebration all their own! C

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1 Response to Day 9: Teachers

  1. Bea Elliott says:

    (Good) “teachers are not paid what they are worth” – Go to the head of the class! You are absolutely correct!

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