Day 7: Back to Work

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Well, back to work after the “long” weekend.


How do you define “long” weekend?

I don’t consider a weekend “long” simply by adding one day to Saturday and Sunday. A loooooooong weekend in my estimation would be like the Thanksgiving holiday:  Thanksgiving Thursday, and then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to recover.

IMO, we should refer to 3-day weekends as long-ER weekends, and the following weeks as “SHORT”  work weeks.


Yesterday was a “labor” day at our place. Picked a 10 gallon bucket of apples – peeled and froze. (Oh no. That’s not all folks. We’re LOADED!!) Harvested about that many carrots – cleaned and bagged. (Ditto) Re-potted 2 corn plants and 3 schefleras (sp?). Laundry and a start on my fall “decor”. Played many games of ball with Jaz. Came in when it got thundery. Went BACK outside. Came in when it started to rain. Went BACK out when it stopped.  (FYI – the wind was AMAZING! ) Actually hit some golf balls! I haven’t hit one in YEARS so I didn’t want to overdo right out of the box  🙂 . . .  I was pleasantly surprised when the first actually got a little air time. The second was a beaut!! The third was a stinky slice we didn’t find, but it didn’t really matter at that point . . .

Sunday we watched the first game of my youngest niece’s Labor Day Weekend softball tournament. They won all three Sunday games. Haven’t heard the outcome of the Monday games yet. The last holiday weekend of summer and they have to play a softball tournament. . . Don’t know about you, but that just doesn’t seem right to me.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that my middle niece medalled in cross-country this past Friday, and her team took 3rd out of 38 if memory serves correctly.

Tuesdays as Mondays – Celebrate! C


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