Day 4: Game Day!

Football game at the University of Nebraska on...

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Ah. The opening day for Husker football! Lincoln NE will be a sea of RED for the first home game against Western Kentucky. GO BIG RED!

You may not be Husker fans. You may not even like football. But if you live in Nebraska, you better have some RED in your wardrobe! Even if you don’t battle the crowds to see the game in person, you MUST WEAR RED no matter what you have planned for Saturday. It’s just de rigueur (read “mandatory”).

Personally, I like home game Saturdays. If I time my errands right, I can get around town almost without seeing another car on the road! Stores are eerily empty, reminiscent of a creepy tale by Stephen King. Unfortunately, today’s game is a night game so I’ll have to don my red and get crackin’ early.

You’ve got to hand it to Nebraskans. We have our differences – political, religious, etc. But when it comes to football, all is forgiven. I don’t really get the Big 12 business, but I’m not a football aficionado. As long as I can hear the Nebraska fight song on a crisp Fall day, I’m a happy camper! Thank goodness you can still listen to the games on the radio since the first few home games are solely pay-per-view. (I don’t get that either. I guess it all comes down to $.)

So, football season has begun. Sugar maples will soon be turning that amazing fire-red and brilliant gold. The smell of wood smoke warming fireplaces will greet the nose. Pumpkins will begin appearing on porches. And for a couple of months, we will experience the power of Team Spirit that is much more than just a game. Celebrate your Team! C

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